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Zoomable 5 Mode LED Flashlight Torch

Emitting Color
Only Flashlight
Battery & Charger Included

 This is the perfect multi function flashlight that will help you in every possible situation.    It may be used as:

- outdoor activities such as running, hiking, fishing, camping

- when you are lost at night you can use the sos light signal on great distance to call for help

- emergencies to release yourself being trapped in car or room and use it for breaking the glass

- situations when there is no electricity to use as a light source

- searching and finding things in dark areas

-  self defence weapon against burglars, you can strobe light to disorient and provoke blindness to the attacker, and the flashlight body is strong enough to give him fatal strike that will disarm him.

Function: Shock Resistant and Waterproof
Zooming Beam Mode
Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
Battery Type:  3 x AAA or 18650
Certification: CE,RoHS,CCC
Body Material: Aluminum

Important Tips before buying:

Type A: No battery, No charger.

Type B: Have battery, Have charger.


- 5 Modeswith one button : high light, middle light, low light, strobe and SOS light for your choice.

- Zoom in & Zoom out

-Aluminum alloy high grade quality design 

-The Flashlight is water resistant and shock proof protected, so it is the ultimate device for every situation