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COLD FIRE - High Power Laser Pointer

    Are you looking for the most advanced tech gadget on the planet? Then look for no more. The Cold Fire Laser is the right choice for your needs. With the Ultra Super powerful beam, you can basically touch the moon at the night clear sky. The emitted blue beam is so strong that can burn matches, light cigarettes and pop balloons in a split of a second!






It is a very handy tool in surviving situations when you need to start a fire without wasting your energy and time. You can send SOS signal to airplanes and satellites even from out reached dense jungles. It is an extremely useful tool for fishing, hunting, hiking and camping. It is a must-have necessity for astronomy lovers. 

The COLD FIRE Laser Pointer  comes with free charger, protective goggles, 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 metal light heads and a stylish metal suitcase.



  • Wavelength: 445nm
  • Power supply: 2 x 16430 Battery
  • Body material:  indestructible aircraft grade aluminum
  • Working voltage: DC=3.0-3.7V

Package Includes:
1x Laser Pointer
5x Metal Light Heads
2x 16340 Batteries
1x Charger
1x Protective Goggles
1x Metal Portable Box