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COLD FIRE - High Power Laser Pointer

The Cold Fire is a super strong laser pointer that can be used in different situations. This may be an office presentation tool but also a multitactical gadget. The powerful laser beam can be used for close range purposes and also for a great distance task. A must have gadget for the technology lovers, astronomers, hunters, campers and hikers. 







Can be used for: pointing at the sky, presentations, tactical weapon, outdoors activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing etc.

You can light matches and cigarettes when you adjust the focus on them.

This is not a toy! This laser pointer will cut through tapes, burn matches, light cigarettes, pop balloons and firecrackers in a split of a second!


Beam Strenght: 1W
Wavelength: 445nm
Power supply: 2 x 16430 Battery
Laser range: 8000 meters (5 Mile)
Focus mode: adjustable
Body material: aerometal
Working voltage: DC=3.0-3.7V
Storage temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Package Includes:
1x Laser Pointer
5x Metal Light Heads
2x 16340 Batteries
1x Charger
1x Protective Goggles
1x Metal Portable Box

- The length of working time must not exceed 5 minutes. After extended use of couple of minutes it must be paused for 2 minutes to cool off.
Caution: The beam is very powerful and dangerous for the eyes. Never point it to eyes of people or animals.